Mag Bay Yachts 33 featuring SeaStar SeaStation

Written By:  Betty Devarona March 29, 2017 at 3:16 pm
The new Mag Bay 33 featured at the Palm Beach International Boat Show features the amazing new SeaStar SeaStation GPS anchoring system.  Released in third quarter of 2016, the SeaStar SeaStation helps meet the challenges of captains trying to maintain position.  Whether fishing, dropping anchor or simply waiting for a bridge to open.


SeaStation is an add on system to the SeaStar’s state of the art Optimus 360 joystick control system.  With a dual antenna GPS sensor, SeaStation provides input to the Optimus 360 controls.  Furthermore it allows it to automatically hold a vessels position, heading or both, depending on the need.


A combination of newly developed software and smart algorithms control shifting and throttle, in addition to engine position.  To keep adjustments smooth, the algorithms are designed to minimize engine shifting, engine rpm and steering movement.


The SeaStation provides three distinct modes.  Position mode, heading mode and heading and position mode.  To read more on the modes or find an authorized dealer, we encourage you to visit the SeaStar Solutions site.


SeaStar is focused on a very reliable hydraulic steering and electronic controls.  Aiming to continually innovate with value added enhancements they now dominate their product category.  As a result, they enjoy a high market share in the North American market.


Keep in mind SeaStation should not be engaged if people are swimming, diving or anywhere in the water around the boat.


The Mag Bay 33 Center Console features dual Yamaha 300’s with the Optimus 360. Yachting Experts’ own Frank De Varona on a recent demonstration.  The client truly enjoyed the features of the positioning system. Demonstrating how SeaStation works, we had a visitor on the Mag Bay 33 yesterday.


Most noteworthy, the effortless transition between shifts proved for a very comfortable experience.  Ask our passenger, Mr. Pelican.  Mag Bay SeaStation Demo